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Pharmaceutical CRM consultation

With an interdisciplinary research background easy to recognize the interfaces that allow us to carry out efficient and effective work in the new environment through the experience of previous activities. We have been engaged in introducing and supporting pharmaceutical CRM applications since November 2002. In addition to the 4 best-known international pharmaceutical CRM applications (Veeva, IQVIA MI and OC, Sales Vision, Siebel), we also have experience with regional and local service providers.

The beginning

Our company was commissioned to localize and support the introduction of a new pharmaceutical CRM from a market leading international CRM provider in 2002. After translating the application and the related documentation, the user training was also held by our staff. The localization of applications, the translation of documentations and the providing of user trainings were made a good basis for our company to learn about the characteristics of the pharmaceutical industry, the modules of pharmaceutical CRM applications and their functionality.


With more than 17 years of experience in pharmaceutical CRM we are not only a subcontractor but also a main contractor in the domestic and regional markets since February 2015. Our knowledge gained during the operation covers not only the operational tasks, but also the design and development of CRM introduction, customization, and new functions, which enable us to offer comprehensive consulting activities to our existing and potential clients.